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Cancun Activity Holidays

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There are so many reasons to visit Mexico’s Caribbean resort of Cancun, which has enjoyed a steady growth to become one of the most beloved holiday paradises in the world.

Not least of these is the weather in Cancun.

Cancun Activity Holidays

The Cancun climate is warm year-round, with an average of 26 degrees, but not too hot as it’s cooled by the sea breeze.

Plenty of people go to Cancun for tanning by day and partying by night, but the opportunities on offer for an activity holiday seem too good to waste.

Extreme Water Sports

The protection offered by the Baja Muheres makes Cancun’s beaches the ideal spot for extreme water sports such as the latest craze, flyboarding. Not for the faint-hearted, the flyboarder straps on a water-powered jet pack and, attached to the end of a hose, goes flying up a hundred feet into the air behind the towing motorboat.

Slightly more traditional is the option to skim across the surface of the turquoise water by jet-skiing. The option to hire can be expensive, so a better way can be an organised excursion which may combine with the chance to try another favourite water sport, snorkelling.

Scuba Diving

Those who want to venture deeper underwater can take advantage of the many reputable scuba diving centres based in and around Cancun.

With PADI qualified instructors, they will show you the magnificent coral reefs and colourful marine life up close and personal. There are plenty of spots up and down the coast, such as Cozumel, where dive excursions go to and back in a day, often for a very reasonable cost.

Mayan Adventures

Fans of the Lara Croft series will be hooked on the prospect of exploring spectacular jungle scenery at the same time as some of the most atmospheric Mayan ruins on earth.

Within a short distance of Cancun, some of the best ruins are at Chichen Itza, where the climb up the 75 foot temple to the god Kukulkan is well worth the exertion. Set in the midst of a jungle, the site also features what archaeologists believe is the best preserved court for the Mayans' mysterious sport of pelota.

Theme Parks

There are several theme parks perfect for family outings in the Cancun area. Of these perhaps the best is Xcaret, an archaeological eco-park based around the Mayan past.

It features among its attractions a walk-through cave infested with bats, as well as the coveted opportunity to swim with dolphins, stingrays or even sharks. The rides you would expect are all there, including the newest of them, Adrenalina, which takes you on a thrill packed boat ride full of rapid turns and splashdowns.

With all of this and more, Cancun offers something for everyone with an active holiday in mind.

Of course, the real test to find out how energetic you are is if you still have it in you to explore the famous Cancun nightlife afterwards.

By Simon Clark.

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